Shop Size Plastic Repair Kit

Shop Size Plastic Repair Kit

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Part Number:172-18



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Plastex X-large Shop Size plastic repair kit. "Repairs The Impossible".

This is an Extra Large Size Master Tech KIT for shops with multiple repairs, projects and applications. This kit can be used for jobs from simple fill-in's and bonding to production of large body panel sections.

Plastex easily Glues, Fills gaps, Repairs stripped threads and can remake Body Tabs or Small Parts in just minutes!

Works on Scooters, Motorcycles, GoKarts, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Cars & Trucks, Watercraft, Aircraft, RVs, Household & Office items as well as Toy and Hobby applications!

Includes Everything You Need To Get Started!

  • Re-usable quality case
  • 5g of each color powder
  • 10ml liquid
  • 1 application bottle
  • 1 application needle
  • 1 pipet
  • 1 molding bar
  • Instructional video CD

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