Universal Parts On/Off Switch for Razor/Currie

Universal Parts On/Off Switch for Razor/Currie

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Part Number: 119-96



img-qind.JPGUniversal Parts Replacement ON/OFF Switch without light indicator for the following Razor® products:

* Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket (Version 1-8)
* Razor MX500 & MX650 Dirt Rockets (Version 1+)
* Razor e500 S Electric Scooter (Version 1+)
* Razor Pocket Mod (Bistro, Bella, Betty, Vapor)(Version 1-12)
* Razor Sports Mod (Version 1+) * Razor Dirt Quad (Version 1+)
* Razor Rebellion Chopper (Version 1+) Does not include the wires.

**NOTE: Razor Electric Scooter/Bike/4-wheeler versions can be determined by locating your bar code ID on the battery cover and/or on the bottom of the scooter/bike frame or underside of the unit. The 7th and 8th digit in the series will tell you the version of your product: 01=version 1; 02=version 2; 09=version 9, and so on. Please be sure you identify your version before placing an order for a switch.

  • Compatible with Razor Part # W15128050101
  • Compatible with Currie BA-080 On/Off Switch


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