Mini-Scooter Trunk

Mini-Scooter Trunk

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Part Number:108-25



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This trunk is a great addition to your scooter. It will allow you to safely carry things so you can keep both hands on the handle bars, and it even locks!
Features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Your choice of color
  • Works on most gas and electric scooters with a seat.
  • Includes a lock with two keys.


The trunk comes in colors: red, black, blue, silver and yellow (***May have scratches/blemishes, sold as is***)

***Please Note: Due to the dimensions of this item FedEx is the recommended shipping method.


  • Left to Right: 9 inches
  • Front to Back: 11 inches
  • Height: 8 inches
  • May have scratches/blemishes, sold "as is"

*Please note: No Instructions Included

Various unlisted makes/models

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