Koso Camshaft - Honda Grom & Monkey

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The Koso 240 Degree Performance Camshaft (MM623002) will give you great results at high RPM. This camshaft can be used with a stock engine, but will even give better results with the Koso 170cc big bore kit. Made from quality material for longer durability, the Koso GROM & MONKEYcamshaft is a clever choice!

Performance cams typically have a duration ranging from 220 up to 280 degrees or higher. The higher the duration, the rougher the idle and the higher the cam's power range on the RPM scale. A cam with a duration of 240 degrees or higher will typically produce the most power from 3,500 to 7,000 RPM.

*Please note: Compatible with 2014-2021 Honda Grom
  • 240 Degree Performance Camshaft
Honda Grom 125, Honda Monkey 125