AC Input Harness with Male Connector for Pride On-Board Chargers

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Universal Parts AC Input Harness with 3-Prong Male Connector for Pride Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs with On-Board Chargers.

Compatible with the following makes/models:

  • Pride Boxster (PMV520)
  • Pride Celebrity 2000 (SC4000/SC4400)
  • Pride Cyclone (SPSC4000/SPSC4400)
  • Pride Laser (SPSC300/SPSC340)
  • Pride Legend (SC300/SCVA300/SC340/SCVA340)
  • Pride Legend (SC3000/SC3400)
  • Pride Sundancer (SC2000/SC202)
  • Pride Sundancer with Power Seat (SC2000PS)
  • Pride Victory 3 (SC160/SC1600) and Victory 4 (SC170/SC1700)
  • Pride Victory XL (SC260/SC270/SC2700)
  • AC - Alternating Current
  • Overall Length (including plugs): 8.5 inches
Pride, Various unlisted makes/models