Naraku Kymco/SYM 2T Crank Bearing & Seal Kit

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Naraku Heavy Duty Crankshaft Bearing and Seal Kit for Kymco and Sym Horizontal 50cc, 2-stroke engines. This precision bearing kit contains Taiwanese NTN brand crankshaft bearings, and seals.

Fits the following 50cc 2 stroke models in AC or LC:

Kymco: Top Boy, Cobra, Super 8, Super 9, Like, Agility, People, Vitality, YUP, Maxxer (Quad)

SYM: Jet, Jungle, Mask, Red Devil, Shark RS, Super Fancy
  • T11611 Bearing - Outer Diameter: 52mm, Inner Diameter: 20mm, Width: 12mm
  • SC05A97 Bearing - Outer Diameter: 56mm, Inner Diameter: 25mm, Width: 12mm
  • 15.6*25.5*7 Seal
  • 20*31*7 Seal

Made in Taiwan

Kymco Agility 50, Kymco Cobra 50, Kymco Dink 50, Kymco Grand Dink 50, Kymco Like 50, KYMCO People 50, Kymco Quad Maxxer 50, KYMCO Super 9, KYMCO Vitality, Kymco Yager 50, KYMCO Yup 50, SYM