Vee Tire Co. Speed Booster 20x1-1/8 Tire

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Vee Tire Co. Speed Booster 20x1-1/8 Folding Bead Tire with B-Proof Aramid Belt and Fast 50 rubber compound.

For BMX racers who demand lightweight, and better corning stability. Speedbooster’s tread pattern cuts down on drag and saves precious seconds in race conditions. 

The B-Proof casing features a specialty material that adds extra protection without the weight. Nearly identical to a fabric seal, the casing is paper thin but adds extreme strength.

The Fast 50 compund is the fastest Vee's ever created. It’s grippy for sure in corners, professional level grippy, and it rolls faster than any other tire any other tire Vee's ever created. This compound is made to go fast in dryer to moist high-speed race conditions and everyday trail riding. 
  • Vee Rubber Brand
  • Size: 20x1-1/8
  • Tread Pattern: Speed Booster with Fast 50 Compound
  • 90 TPI Casing
  • Max 100 PSI
  • Weight: 245g
  • Does Not Include Rim
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