101 Octane Starter Motor for Kymco/SYM 2-Stroke

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101 Octane starter motor for Kymco and SYM Horizontal 50cc 2-stroke engines.

Fits the following Horizontal 50cc 2 stroke models in AC or LC:

Kymco: Top Boy, Cobra, Super 8, Super 9, Like, Agility, People, Vitality, YUP, Maxxer (Quad)

SYM: Jet, Jungle, Mask, Red Devil, Shark RS, Super Fancy

Made in Taiwan!
  • Bolt Hole Spacing: 70mm
  • Shaft Length: 10mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 7mm
  • Diameter (near o-ring): 24mm
  • Number of Splines: 10
  • Made in Taiwan
Kymco, SYM