Universal Parts GY6 "200cc" 61mm Cylinder Head

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Universal Parts 61mm Cylinder Kit for 161QMK "200cc" GY6 4-stroke engine powered buggies and ATVs with larger cylinder stud spacing than standard GY6 engines (please see specs). Includes intake and exhaust studs.

  • Combustion Chamber: 61mm
  • Cylinder Stud Spacing (Diagonal): 79mm
  • Overall Height: 64mm (Not Including Valve Springs)
  • Exhaust Valve Diameter: 23mm
  • Intake Valve Diameter: 27mm
  • Exhaust Port: 23mm
  • Intake Port: 24mm
  • Exhaust Stud Size: 8mm
GY6 200cc 161QMK, Various unlisted makes/models