Vee Tire Co. E-Speedster 20x4.0 E-Bike Tire - Folding Bead

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Vee Tire Co. E-Speedster 20x4.0 E-Bike Tire with wire bead and white sidewall.

The E-Speedster tire's minimal tread pattern and low-profile honeycomb center tread keep rolling resistance down to a minimum. Large diamond-shaped side lugs grip in the corners and gradually reduce in height towards the center for smooth transitions. Designed for hard pack or paved terrain, the E-Speedster is effortlessly fast in the dry and sheds water efficiently in the wet.

The E-Speedster is built with Vee's new Override technology and boasts 3 times the puncture protection compared to previous models as well as excellent tread life. It also features B-Proof casing, which is a super thin Aramid seal that adds extreme strength to the tire.

Popular makes that use 20x4.0 tires include: Ariel, Aventon, super73, Juiced, Lectric, RadPower and many more.
  • Vee Rubber Brand
  • Size: 20x4.0
  • Tread Pattern: E-Speedster with MPC Compound and B-Proof Casing
  • E-Bike 50kph Rated (31mph)
  • Non-Directional Tread Pattern
  • 120 TPI Casing
  • 20 Max PSI
  • Weight: 1205g
  • Folding Bead - Tubeless Ready!
  • Does Not Include Rim
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