101 Octane Replacement DC CDI for Kymco 50cc Scooters

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101 Octane Replacement DC CDI for 50cc Kymco scooters with DC charging systems, which includes the People 50, Super 9 AC and LC (2008+), Cobra 50, and Top Boy 50.

Electrical items are not returnable, please do the following before ordering: Check the plug style on your stock CDI to make sure it is the same style. Confirm whether you have an AC or DC charging system. You can determine whether an AC or DC CDI is installed by disconnecting the battery switch on ignition and try to start the scooter with the kickstarter. If the scooter starts, an AC CDI is installed. If the scooter does not start, a DC CDI is installed.

Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy.
  • 6 pin connection