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Scooter Performance Parts

Stock sucks! Whether you want to keep up with traffic or just plain go faster, let PartsForScooters help. We have a large selection of go fast goodies for popular Chinese platforms like 50cc QMB139 engines, 150cc GY6 engines and Minarelli clone 2 stroke engines as well as bikes from major manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, Vespa and others.

Big bore cylinder kits are available for every budget, from affordable Universal Parts house brand to Taiwanese selections from SSP-G, Naraku and Koso, all the way up to European industry heavy hitters Polini and Athena.

PartsForScooters is the premier importer for Dr. Pulley brand transmission tuning components!

We also have a great selection of performance carburetors, air filters and exhaust systems to top off your larger cylinder kit as well as other types of performance tuning parts such as rear suspension, racing tires, brake components and even lightweight batteries from Shorai.

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Popular Scooter Performance Parts:

Most Popular Performance Parts: