Universal Parts Electrical Kit for Razor PR200 (V27+)

Universal Parts Electrical Kit for Razor PR200 (V27+)

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Part Number: 119-201



img-qind.JPGUniversal Parts 7 Plug Electrical Kit for the Razor Pocket Rocket 200, Versions 27+.

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Electronic items are non-returnable

  • Razor Part #: W15120040164
  • Controller Model #: ZK2430-D-FS-ROHS
  • 24 Volt
  • 30 Ah
  • 7 Plugs
  • Throttle Wire Length: 26 Inches

Razor Pocket Rocket (PR200)

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Controller for Razor E200/E300

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  • Control Module with 7 plugs for Razor E200/E300. Also used on the Pocket Mod, PR200 and MX350/MX400.
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