Ban Jing Performance Microchip CDI/Coil

Ban Jing Performance Microchip CDI/Coil

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Part Number: 169-320



img-qind.JPG Ban Jing High Performance Microchip Programmed CDI/Coil for use on 50cc-500cc, 4-stroke Scooters.

Ignite your vehicle's true performance potential! This High Performance CDI/Coil gives stronger ignition/firing, a more complete combustion burn (more power, better fuel mileage and reduced emissions), quick acceleration and increased horsepower!

Installation is Easy:

  • Connect red wire to 12 volt switched source (DC) 
  • Connect black wire to ground
  • Connect blue wire to the signal pulse of the stator (alternator)
  • CDI body can be easily mounted to the frame

***Please Note: Electrical Items are Non-Returnable***

  • Stronger Ignition/Firing
  • More Complete Combustion Burn (more power, better fuel mileage & reduced emissions)
  • Quick Acceleration
  • Increased Horsepower

Various unlisted makes/models

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