SSP-G Zuma 50F Big Bore Cylinder & Head Kit - 47mm

SSP-G Zuma 50F Big Bore Cylinder & Head Kit - 47mm

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Part Number: 169-452



img-qind.JPGSSP-G 47mm Big Bore Cylinder and Head Kit for the Yamaha Zuma 50F, C3 and Vino Classic 50cc 4 Stroke Liquid Cooled Scooters. Upgrades to 75.6cc!

Includes cylinder, 3-Valve cylinder head, head gaskets, base gasket, piston, piston pin, piston rings and cir clips.

Please note: A fuel pressure regulator or fuel injection tuner must be used with this cylinder kit.

  • Upgrades to 75.6cc Displacement
  • Bore: 47mm
  • Overall Height (cylinder): 71.5mm
  • Piston Pin Outer Diameter: 10mm
  • Overall Piston Height: 30mm
  • Piston Compression Height: 16mm
  • Includes Extra Head Gasket
  • 3 Valve Head
  • Intake Valve Diameter: 15.5mm
  • Exhaust Valve Diameter: 16.5mm

Various unlisted makes/models, Yamaha Vino 50cc, Yamaha Zuma 50F 4T

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